Classification of OEMfibers Copper Optical Transceiver
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The copper optical transceiver can be split into SFP copper optical transceiver, SFP+ copper optical transceiver and GBIC copper optical transceiver according to different package types

1.SFP copper optical transceiver: Based on the difference of transmission rate, it may also be divided into 100M copper optical transceiver, Gigabit copper optical transceiver and adaptive copper optical transceiver, and adaptive copper optical transceiver

2.SFP+ copper optical transceiver: also known as 10G copper modules , the speed is 10G, designed for high-speed communication links, mainly used in 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and its power consumption is also very small. In addition, the SFP+ copper optical transceiver may be the first 10G optical module to transmit through a network cable, which can be used in the SFP+ port of a switch or network card to achieve connection with network devices with RJ45 interfaces;

3.GBIC copper optical transceiver: It really is an copper optical transceiver with package type GBIC. The transmission rate can reach 1000Mbps and the utmost transmission distance can reach 100m

The Copper modules could be split into three types: 10G SFP+, 100Base SFP and adaptive copper optical transceiver based on the speed. The next can be an introduction of these three various kinds of copper optical transceiver

100Base SFP copper optical transceiver can be utilized when the network port of these devices is insufficient, that's, the SFP optical port is converted into an RJ45 electrical port utilizing the SFP copper optical transceiver. The electrical interfaces of 100Base SFP copper optical transceiver and SFP optical modules are the same. The difference can be that the external one uses an electrical port (ie RJ45 interface) and one optical port

The 10G SFP+ copper optical transceiver is also called a 10 Gigabit copper optical transceiver. Its rate is certainly 10G. It is created for high-speed communication links and is normally mainly utilized in 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The standards for 10 Gigabit optical modules are IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3ak and IEEE 802.3an, if distinguished by package form, 10 Gigabit optical modules include 10G SFP+ optical module, BIDI SFP+ optical module, CWDM SFP+ optical module, DWDM SFP+ optical module , 10G XFP optical module, BIDI XFP optical module, CWDM There are nine types of XFP optical modules, DWDM XFP optical modules and 10G X2 optical modules

And its own power consumption is nearly half of the optical module power consumption, so that it is a great power optimization solution. Furthermore, the 10G SFP+ copper optical transceiver is the first 10G optical module to transmit through a network cable. It can be used in the SFP+ port of a switch or network card to accomplish reference to network devices with RJ45 interfaces

10 Gigabit optical module with powerful and high reliability is principally used to realize 10G Ethernet transmission in the super six or seven copper wiring system, the transmission distance can reach 30 meters. Weighed against SFP+ high-speed cable, it could conserve at least 0.5W of power consumption, and its own ports can support both shielded twisted pair and unshielded twisted pair

The adaptive copper optical transceiver is a Gigabit optical module with the capacity of integrating 10/100/1000BASE three rates onto a CMOS chip. It can be utilized for high-speed Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, unlike other copper optical transceiver. This copper optical transceiver is more innovative in conditions of speed and can meet different application requirements

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