The CFP2 optical transceiver installation procedure
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OEMfibers shares the installation process of the CFP2 optical transceiver. What preparations and precautions ought to be taken before installation

First, preparation before installation To avoid the static electricity produced during the installing the CFP2 optical transceiver or the electronic components in these devices, before installing or removing the CFP2 optical transceiver, put an antistatic wrist strap on the wrist, tighten the lock, and confirm the antistatic wrist. Bring good contact with your skin and make certain the ESD wrist strap can be well grounded

Second, the installation and disassembly of CFP2 optical transceiver

Warning: Usually do not touch the gold finger portion of the CFP2 optical transceiver directly yourself during the procedure for installing or removing the 100G CFP2 modules

1 Turn the metal handle up vertically

2 As shown in the figure, ensure that the transceiver is installed in the right direction (the handle is situated above the fiber interface), and push the transceiver into the slot in the horizontal direction until you hear the sound of the transceiver jamming the slot. The transceiver is in close connection with the slot. Continue steadily to push the transceiver hard

1 Grab the fiber linked to the Brocade 100G-CFP2-LR4-10KM and pull the metal handle right down to the horizontal position

2 Pull the handle and pull the transceiver out in the horizontal direction. When taking out, apply even force in order to avoid harm to the handle

Third, matters needing attention

1 If an optical fiber is inserted in to the CFP2 optical transceiver to be installed or removed, remove the fiber and install or take away the CFP2 transceiver

2 When inserting a CFP2 optical transceiver, first check if the transceiver is properly inserted into the port, and make sure that the direction is correct and there is absolutely no misalignment, offset, etc., and push the transceiver into place

3 When removing the CFP2 optical transceiver , grab the plug in a horizontal direction. If the force direction reaches an angle to the horizontal direction, the plug may be difficult to pull out or even damage the transceiver and the slot

Following the 4CFP2 optical transceiver is installed, if the fiber isn't installed immediately, insert the protective rubber plug of the transceiver in to the optical port on the transceiver

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