Main Advantages of 100G CFP4 Optical Transceivers
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With the network marketplace gradually develop from 10G to 40G and 100G, 40G/100G optical devices are also trusted in a variety of fields. Within the next couple of years, 100G products will still be popularized and steadily accepted by the marketplace. 100G CFP series optical transceivers can be found in three different package sizes: CFP, CFP4, CFP2 optical transceivers

The 100G CFP optical transceiver is also known as 100G client module, which really is a form factor pluggable module that supports hot plugging. CFP group of optical transceivers from the launch to now experienced a complete of CFP, CFP2 development, and today, CFP4 optical transceiver has been effectively introduced and broadly acclaimed. Weighed against CFP / CFP2 optical transceiver, 100G CFP4 optical transceiver gets the same rate however the transmission efficiency has greatly improved. Besides, the energy consumption is reduced and the price is leaner than CFP2. CFP4 optical transceiver offers irreplaceable advantages. We will discuss it in the next part

Benefits of CFP4 Optical Transceiver

Compared with the original CFP, CFP2 series, CFP4 optical transceiver has apparent advantages

1.Smaller size: CFP4 optical transceiver is one-half of this of CFP2, which is one quarter of CFP. It's the smallest optical transceiver in CFP series optical transceiver

2. Higher transmission efficiency: The first 100G CFP optical transceiver in 10 * 10 mode, through 10 10G channels, to 100G transmission rate, but the current 100G CFP4 optical transceiver with 4 * 25 mode, through 4 25G channel, to achieve 100G transmission, transmission better and more stable

3.Module integration is higher: CFP2 integration is two times CFP, CFP4 integration is four times CFP

4.Lower power consumption and cost: CFP4 optical transceiver works with MSA process and supports the same speed as CFP2 and CFP2s. The transmission efficiency is actually improved, however the power consumption drops drastically, no more than half of the initial, and the machine cost is a lot more than that of CFP2 low

As everybody knows, 100G may be the future trend of network development. With the expansion of the 100G industry, the cost of a 100G optical transceiver may also be reduced correspondingly, thereby reducing the price of deploying the whole 100G network. believes that CFP4 series optical transceivers for 100G applications brought will promote the 100G faster development

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