Why DWDM Tunable SFP+ IS PREFERABLE TO Fixed Wavelength SFP
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Fixed wavelength SFP+ remain on the market and not way too many problems within make use of. So you might feel puzzled about choosing DWDM tunable SFP+ or fixed wavelength SFP+ as tunable SFP+ is more costly. The next will let you know why you need tunable optics

First, save cost. With the development of optical communication systems, the shortages of fixed-wavelength laser steadily revealed. Conventional DWDM SFP+ may lead high costs. The amount of wavelengths in DWDM 50GHz has already reached the hundreds. Then spare modules of each laser ought to be prepared for protection of the machine because you don’t know which module will breakdown and it’s difficult to predict the number of stock in specific channels. Therefore you need to buy variety of DWDM SFP+ modules with fixed wavelengths. As the tunable optics are configured with different DWDM wavelengths in a single module. You can pick the best wavelength you will need predicated on your optical fibre communication environment. DWDM Tunable SFP+ are usually used as “spare-optics” to save lots of you cost

Second, flexible network management. When owning a DWDM network with plenty of nodes, for example, up to 80 different wavelengths, management is actually a nightmare. You need to prepare handful of Cisco SFP-10G-T-S Optical Transceiver of every wavelength and perhaps in various locations. Field engineers might not access network nodes as quickly as you want. Thus DWDM tunable optics will be a great choice. Tunable optics could possibly be configured for a particular wavelength to aid bandwidth adjustments as needed in the optical network

Third, ideal for huge network capacity. As the development of increasing network transport, 400G or 1T will be the trend. Then 400G and 1T transmission formats are anticipated to be heavy rather than fit within 50GHz spacing. These potential new data rate formats require that channel spacing is flexible, that your OTN system can adjust to new rates and can re-arrange channel spacing to discover place for new rates in it. DWDM Tunable optics will double the amount of channels supported in this transceiver module. Upgrading to 50GHz channel spacing doubles the capability potential in Enterprise and Metro networks.Learn:www.oemfibers.com

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