How to Use a Compatible SFP Module
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You may find that a compatible SFP transceiver can not work successfully in the branded switch. This is often not caused by the defective compatible SFP transceiver, but by improper behavior. The following are several guides for you to correctly use a compatible SFP module

Check your transceiver module and device port

Some transceiver modules are easy to be mixed because of the similar appearances. For example, SFP and SFP+. SFP delivers 1Gbps of data and SFP+ supports the data rates up to 10 Gbps. Having the same size, an Cisco GLC-SX-MM module can fit seamlessly into the SFP+ port on the switch and vice versa. If you insert an SFP+ module into an SFP port, they will still work but the transmission speed will be limited at 1 Gbps. On the contrary, there will be no connection when an SFP module is inserted into an SFP+ port

Ensure that the SFP modules have the identical wavelength at either end

It is known to us that the SFP module is used for data transmission. The transmission process is definitely that the electrical signals from one side are converted into optical signals, then the lights are transmitted through the fiber and can be changed into electrical signals on the other end of the SFP module. To ensure this process, the SFP modules at either end should have an identical wavelength. So, you’d better look at the specifications of the SFP modules carefully

Choose the correct fiber type

Choosing the correct fiber type can be a major factor to make sure the SFP compatibility as well. So, you have to verify the fibers on both ends of the SFP modules, which should become the same type. The standardized colors on the outer jacket of fibers will help you identify them. What’s more, remember using the corresponding fiber cables

Ensure both ports are compatible with the SFP module

It is important that the ports on your devices can accept the SFP modules you want to use. As mentioned above, some brands are not appropriate for the SFP modules from other vendors. Even when using the compatible SFP modules, you’d better check the standards of ports firstly

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