?Why the temperature of the optical module will rise
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According to the operating temperature, optical modules can be divided into commercial and industrial grades, among which commercial optical modules are the most widely used. But in fact, different application environments need to select the optical module of the corresponding temperature level, otherwise it is easy to cause the temperature of the optical module to be abnormal and affect normal use. So how to make the right choice among common commercial and commercial optical modules

•Commercial-grade optical modules are suitable for indoor data center computer rooms-because the internal interconnection of the data center requires a relatively small operating temperature range for the optical modules (national policy stipulates that the indoor temperature of the computer room must be controlled at 22±2°C); and the optical modules are reliable The performance requirements are not high, therefore, commercial-grade optical modules could be selected for indoor data center computer rooms

•Industrial-grade optical modules are ideal for industrial Ethernet and 5G fronthaul-Industrial Ethernet has a large operating temperature range and requires higher safety and reliability. In order to ensure the normal operation of optical modules, it is best to choose industrial-grade optical modules. At the same time, in the 5G bearer optical module white paper, it really is mentioned that the 5G fronthaul AAU side optical module involves outdoor applications. The outdoor temperature is variable and the working environment is relatively harsh. Therefore, industrial-grade optical modules with better performance are required

Industrial-grade optical modules are manufactured in strict accordance with commercial standards, with larger temperature difference, higher stability and lower power consumption, and meet the network connection requirements of industrial Ethernet

In addition, the incompatibility between the selected optical module and the device is also one of the reasons. Before purchasing optical modules, I did not fully understand the optical module information supported on the equipment (such as switches, fiber optic transceivers, etc.), such as for example speed, model, etc.; or using Huawei switches but purchased other brands of optical modules (such as Juniper EX-SFP-10GE-T , Brocade etc.), learn more: www.oemfibers.com

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