The difference between 100GBASE-SR4 VS 100GBASE-SR10
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100GBASE-SR4 VS 100GBASE-SR10: Form Factors Comparison

CFP is the typical representative form factor of 100GBASE-SR10. It is specified by a MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) between competing manufacturers. The CFP was designed after the SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) interface, but is significantly larger to support 100 Gbps, using 10 x 10Gbps lanes

QSFP28 may be the latest 100G form factor. QSFP28 utilizes four 25G electrical lanes each to aid the latest 100/50/25G transceivers and interconnects. Thus, it is the representative form factor of 100GBASE-SR4

100GBASE-SR4 VS 100GBASE-SR10: Size Comparison

Transceivers with Cisco QSFP-100G-SR4-S and 100GBASE-SR10 interface respectively correspond to QSFP28 and CFP. Thus they have a significant difference in size.CFP is much larger than QSFP28. Obviousely, CFP is not much suitable for high density applications. In contrast, QSFP28 increases front-panel density and decrease power and price per bit

100GBASE-SR4 VS 100GBASE-SR10: Cables & Connectors Options

Both 100GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-SR10 optics use laser optimized multimode fiber (OM3/OM4) for transmission. But 100GBASE-SR4 optics (such as Cisco 100G-QSFP28-SR4) uses a 12-fiber standard QSFP MPO/MTP cable for connectivity (4 Tx and 4 Rx, each lane providing 25 Gbps of throughput) while 100GBASE-SR10 optics use a 2×12-fiber or 24-fiber strand MPO/MTP cable for connectivity (10 Tx and 10 Rx, each lane providing 10 Gbps of throughput)

Because optics with 100GBASE-SR4 and Cisco CFP-100G-SR10 interface can be respectively breakout to 4×25 Gbps and 10×10 Gbps, it is easy to upgrade from 25GbE/10 GbE to 100 GbE using MPO/MTP to LC harness cable.Know

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